About Us

Kidsville International Preschool

Kidsville is a preschool that offers nursery and kindergarten programs for children from 2 to 6 years of age through Integrated Curriculum which allows children to pursue learning in a holistic way. Integrated Curriculum is an inquiry based, thematic learning approach to foster child’s social and intellectual development. All our teachers are carefully selected with qualified teaching backgrounds.

At Kidsville, your child will be encouraged to tap their full potentials, allowing them to experience the best possible head start in life and preparing them to enter National and International primary schools comfortably and confidently.


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Our Strengths

All our teachers are selected through a rigorous recruitment process and are given an extensive teacher-training program because we believe all children deserve the best.

We make sure that each of our teaching staff has love for children, passion to teach, learn and grow together with each individual child. There will also be regular training arranged for our teachers to better their teaching skills, so as to upkeep our promise to you as providing the best education and learning experience for your child.

Parental Collaborations

We at Kidville are in 100% support parental involvement in the child’s education development.


We believe that parents do make a difference in the child’s life and academic career when they get involve and collaborate with the teachers to provide support, creating a successful communication between classroom and home. When both parties have the same goal in mind when it comes to the child, both teacher-parents can become better partners in helping the child grow academically.

Director’s Welcome

It is our utmost honour and pleasure to welcome you and your child to Kidsville International Preschool. The early years of childhood education is deemed important as we, at Kidsville, believe that children will benefit from improved social skills, accepting instructions better and being able to enhance their attention span in a school environment, preparing them for the real world.


Early childhood education plays a very important part in discovering your child’s potential. Through our program the child will be able to develop the desire to learn through our play and inquiry based approach.


We believe every child is unique and has their own imagination inspired by every little thing around them. Apart from academic learning, we believe that by working together with the parents will help cultivate much more interest within the child, making it a positive learning experience.


Therefore, let us end this note by thanking you for your interest in Kidsville and we hope that we will be able to establish this beautiful journey with you and your child in our aim to provide the best education experience ever.


Come on over and let’s bring the best out in your child !