The International Preschool Curriculum


Kidsville is a preschool that offers nursery and kindergarten programs for children from 2 to 6 years of age through Integrated Curriculum which allows children to pursue learning in a holistic way. Integrated Curriculum is an inquiry based, thematic learning approach to foster children’s social and intellectual development. At Kidsville, your child will be encouraged to tap into their full potentials, allowing them to experience the best possible head start in life and preparing them to enter both National and International primary schools comfortably and confidently.

Our Curriculum

* Integrated Curriculum (IC) – An inquiry based, thematic learning approach to foster children’s social & intellectual development

* Jolly Phonics Program – A fun and child-centered approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics with songs and actions for each of the 42 letter sounds

* Hands-on Activities / Sensory / Motor Skills

* Role Play

* Practical Living Skills / Moral Values / Character Building

* Cambridge English

* Chinese Language

* Malay Language

* Science / Experiment

Thematic Approach

Our programs are specially designed for each age group, where thematic approach is applied in our academic teaching. Kidsville will select an appropriate theme each term and integrate the theme with specially designed programs, so the children can acquire new skills and knowledge while enjoying learning at the same time. Thematic approach allows learning to be much more natural and fragmented, allowing literacy to grow and letting their ideas connect.



We, at Kidsville are committed to provide your child with a stimulating, challenging yet fun learning experience.

Here, each child gets to cultivate their potential through independent thinking with our thematic approach, hence reinforcing their love of learning and enabling them to be confident both emotionally and socially.


Nursery 1

(Ages 2 – 3 years)

Your child, now, will be sponging up knowledge easily as they are at the age where curiosity gets the better of them, and here at Kidsville, we can make it a lifelong learning experience for your child. Kidsville will specifically introduce five senses to them and show them that there is a lot of knowledge to gain beyond, just by getting in touch with these senses of theirs, and by doing so; we are also developing their fine and gross motor skills.


The Nursery program is developed based on the understanding that the early formative years are the most critical in a child’s development. The curriculum prepared, therefore,will help them foster cognitive, speech and language development and also instilling self-help, patience, empathy and confidence in your child.

Nursery 2

(Ages 4 Years)

As your child grows bigger, he/she tends to explore with their new found independence, and gain much more confidence by doing things by and for themselves.


This is where Kidsville comes in and help them expand their love for knowledge by allowing them to discover more through inquiry, building learning experiences by using touch, reasoning, play as a tool for the purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills.


The Nursery 2 program focuses on primary areas of development such as language arts, literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills development, as well as character building. Your child will learn and develop some of these life skills through our Nursery 2 program.

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Kindergarten 1 & 2

(Ages 5 – 6 years)

The knowledge and skills that these children gain in preschool is very important for their future as whatever learning and social skills they acquire today are the very basic foundation that will shape your child’s future in later years.


Kidsville offers approved Kindergarten program that complies to our National Preschool Curriculum Standard (KSSR), yet still keeping to learning through our International Preschool Curriculum thematic approach. It does not only enhance confidence but enable children to become problem-solves at an early age.


Our Kindergarten program consists of hands-on learning, structured and routine activities, where the children will develop a variety of skills and knowledge in subjects, such as mathematics, science, English, Mandarin, Malay, and social skills. This is also when we prepare our pre-schoolers who will soon be age-ready to attend national/private or international primary schools.

After School Enrichment Program

Let’s Learn English

Kidsville ‘Let’s Learn English’ classes are a series of fun and motivating lessons delivered in a safe and inspiring environment. Your child will have the opportunity to express him/herself and apply and acquire new knowledge through challenging and enjoyable activities in a small class setting.


This course is taught by a professional, passionate and certified native-English speaking teacher. Cambridge English will be the core syllabus but lessons will be tailored to introduce and practise key vocabulary, pronunciation, situational language in use, and grammatical structures that will compliment your child’s learning at school. Children will be able to take up the Cambridge English Assessment upon completing each level. Our aim is for your child to have fun while learning and to not only think in English but speak it properly and naturally.


* Specially designed for 5 to 12 year old children

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Manners & Etiquette Workshop

Good manners aren’t just for adults! Bring out the GOOD in your child.


Workshops for boys and girls aged 6-11 and taught by certified and professional instructors.


At Kidsville, we teach the skills of manners, modern etiquette and social intelligence to transform your child into a graceful, humble and confident young lady and gentleman. Covering many topics from Manners at School, Home, at the Table or in Public. Let us help bring out the GOOD in your child.


Contact us to find out when our next workshop is.

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Other Activities

Summer Camps

Manners & Etiquette

Fun Holiday Programs

Educational Field Trips

Enrichment Classes (Speech & Drama, Drawing, Music)

Holiday Workshops